About the Author

IMG_1214My name is Salvador Hernandez, and I’m a journalist.

I am currently a breaking news reporter for BuzzFeed News, based out of Los Angeles. Before that, I was a crime reporter at  The Orange County Register, the third largest newspaper in California.

Fires, homicides, drugs, gangs, and law enforcement are my everyday repertoire; stories that give us a glimpse of the worst, and sometimes the best, of our world. I’m a writer, and I am intrigued by stories that give readers a glimpse of a world they have not seen before.

Basically, I am trying to get my – and your – curiosity fix.

I’ve lived most of my life in Southern California. I graduated from Cal State University of Northridge, where i studied journalism and political science. Shortly thereafter I began to work at The Orange County Register.

My work is immediate and instant, written and distributed to readers as fast as the Internet can carry it. My articles are constantly changing, adapting to new circumstances and renewed through continuous updates online.

But don’t knock the old ways. Some things don’t replace good old shoe-leather reporting, and nothing beats a good story.

I enjoy the rush and immediacy of a breaking news story, but understanding crime means understanding the undertows of  multiple factors. Law enforcement practices, tactics, trends and forces behind the crime – and law enforcement – are important factors that affect our communities. Politics, financing, funding and personalities make up the world of law enforcement and crime. The stories behind them are what affect our lives, sometimes in ways we might not immediately understand.

I’m the journalist looking to understand these facets, and to explain them to my readers in the best possible way.

Want to contact me? Comment on any one of the posts, or reach me at hernandezsal82@gmail.com. Find me on Twitter, @salhernandez


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